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Friday, October 20, 2006

Play Pause Stop

These days I spend most of the daytime off my laptop. I don’t carry any mp3 players as such so mostly what I am doing is copying songs from my personal sources and dumping/ripping into blank CDs to listen :)

Putting what I am listening is always the best fun (and I do such often) and so here goes the list; in no particular order. Not repeating with Dead, SCI, Moe, Kimock, Phish etc.this time, as I did the same soo many times....

I don’t know how to keep track of “most played” songs in a computer, but definitely these songs are featured very very often in my media player playlist. ( so hopefully not breaking the tagging law!). Also, I have linked the album names.

Let me know if you guys suggest uploading the mp3s/albums. Somehow “sendspace” is damn slow these days…

1. Porahoto (Black) – Utshober Pore
2. Waiting Here (Buckethead featuring Shana Halligan and Serj Tankian) – Enter the Chicken
3. Nobina (Fuad featuring Punom) – Variation No. 25
4. Ozark (Pat Metheny/ Lyle Mays) – As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls
5. Elephant Talk (King Crimson) – Discipline
6. In this Divide (Azam Ali) – Elysium for the Brave
7. Where Are We Going? (Donald Byrd) – Black Byrd
8. Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock) – Flood
9. Overdue (Bitter:Sweet) – The Mating Game
10. Magic Hours (Explosions in the Sky) – How Strange, Innocence
11. Spacebirdmatingcall (Disco Biscuits) – They Missed the Perfume
12. Too many Humans (Buckethead) – Population Override
13. Inspiration Information (Shuggie Otis) - Inspiration Information
14. Elephant Woman (Blonde Redhead) – Misery is a Butterfly
15. Unrequited (Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau) – Metheny/Mehldau

Thanks Ws(VB) for the help in podcasting :)

update - the dl link of the mp3s (its aroun 130 mb..sorry!)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Random religious picks

My Alma Mater is seems to be a Jewish addicted. I am not damn sure but with the array of people wearing the black skull cap in the campus, sporadic Jewish holidays and cafeterias ornamented with kosher munchies, I do believe my guess is somewhat correct!

Probably these religious hookups have encouraged the school to have a room for preaching scientology and etc. Early summer I and CD were walking through a place called “commons” (basically all Tee and school merchandise shops) in the campus and suddenly saw a glimpse of a “Bengali” book beside a glass window. Before we could read the heading and the author name and guess what is the book all about two women came out quickly from the room and invited us to do a “free” stress test. Me and CD (presumably!) did not have any clues about scientology except names of few *s (Mr. Holmes) related to this dogma. Anyway we had a brief introduction, education and “free” stress test with the two devotees. Without any squabbles, we both hit the zenith of the stress-meter (actually watching that made me tensed) and were guaranteed that we can reduce the same by reading a book (or watching a DVD). So what else scientology can do for you? Well reducing the stress of mind is nothing, it can be such a powerful tool that can substitute any medication you need, can take care of your skin and actually your life in detail (one of the women commented – psychology is nothing!)..to cut a story shorter, somehow we managed to escape with full assurance that next time definitely we are going to watch the DVD etc.

After the brief education and suffering from the high stress (indeed) me and CD met our deer quiz mate K in a break. After listening to this small anecdote K commented, man that S is not fad anymore, you guys should try Kabbalah or the Shinto’s....


Hence some religious tracks…
Kalighat – (from the album Kali’s Son; a Must buy for all)
Havah Nagilah (a Hebrew folk track, from Warts and All Vol. 4 – Moe.)
Bodhisattva (Countdown to ecstasy – the Dan)
Cole’ Law (SKB – 06/19/04 – the Tralf; Buffalo ..for the sake of record I and CD were present in the show :))

Monday, October 02, 2006

hard to explain...

good wishes to all in the rainy festive season...
as usual the journey is nostalgic about the 1st rain back home,
if I knew the destination, I would take her home..

songs of the day - What I'll Remember Most & Ohio - from Over the Rhine; the Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist duo. Below is the first song; you can find the second lyrics here.

The saddest songs are the happiest
The hardest truths are the easiest
Put us both to the test
And tell me if you still need me
And I will swallow these words
And see if I can still believe

The biggest lies are the little ones
When the look in your eyes is the distant one
Angel or demon
You know that they can share one bed
I've laid awake so long
I've got them both inside my head

This American dream may be poisonous
Violence is contagious
Crowded or empty
I walk these city streets alone
Whoever brought me here
Is gonna have to take me home

This is what I'll remember most about dying
Loading these moments like a gun
Hoping to kill the pain
You were 80% angel
10% demon
The rest was hard to explain...