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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Land's End...

Saw the Biscos few weeks back. I possess most of the studio efforts & few show (courtesy LMA) and was eager for a real gig. Disco Biscuits is supposedly one of the foremost acts in electronica-jam genre and damn original. It’s difficult to name their sound but a “human stroke to electronica/trance” will be nearer to appropriate. As someone already said, some songs are typical psychedelic fest, some sounds like part of star wars trips. As I am not a connoisseur in their live shows, at times it was difficult to judge the “teases” and the “jumps”. Out of the set list particularly liked spacebirdmatingcall, mindless dribble, whip it and a nice rendition of – you can’t always get what you want.
Check out a popular Bisco track – Little Lai.

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Also, this is known as the Stolen Tracks 2, the unreleased supporting materials of the album - the wind @ 4 to fly. The tracklist - World is Spinning,Caterpillar,Voices Insane,Rock Candy>Abraxas>Rock Candy,??:)).

ps - sorry for the buffering problem. here is another little lai from LMA.

And finally, it’s official. Bill Nershi is leaving SCI after the summer of 2007. Not only that, the official sources say there will be hardly few incidents till then and rest of the band is still undecided about the future plans. Personally the news made me very upset; but it was kind of an inevitable sad departure. Any big time followers of SCI is somewhat reluctant of their neo-signatures (especially the recent album - one step closer) and can point out very clearly it is no more the “Nershi driven sound”. Fans feel he is bored to play the hippie-trance stuffs.

As most of the band members have their respective side-projects to fall back on I surmise it might going to be the final encore of the Cheese. Though there is a gossip going on – is Keller joining the band as fulltime?

so long the pirates, so long the land's end...
will always adore that jellyfish swims in my head...

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Some new music for the extended weekend :)

Sit back and dl Herbie.

I am not sure about the track listing - traders might be wrong sometimes! Check out the lineup..(herbie+jaco+maupin).

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I am repetitively again and again listening to this track; and oh even today too.
Check the youtube version

And the studio version is here

If you don’t have the album Billy Breathes, you are missing something. This is a wonderful example of where Phish bridged mainstream and the jam genre. A long time favorite of mine.

Come waste your time with me..

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Princess Caspian

Aishani is the latest love of my life. She is the cutest, smartest and without any squabble, the sweetest possible on earth :) My vocabs will fail miserably; naturally I am not trying to explain her prettiness. Our first date as fixed is coming Saturday and I just just cannot wait to meet her…

While writing this post, however toRi (her nickname, inspired by the raaga in the same name) is only 4 days old. Though I was more interested in an old school Tagor-ite nick name my family did not give any attention to my words as always, anyway…

The last Friday was such a collection of good things! Not only due to A’s “naughty” mama ran to Buffalo to celebrate her THE FIRST birthday occasion with his ample of “naughty” friends & lots of “hics” it was also for the first time he understood the meaning of the saying - tears of joy..

while A was only few minutes old my sis was describing her…
and the tears connected PA to NY in an wink…

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The Flaming Lips doing the classic Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
No connection between Yoshimi & Aishani, as she is tooo small to fight the evil robots of the world!!!