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Monday, July 31, 2006

Truckers & Family

Saw the Drive by Truckers and Robert Randolph with his family last week. The Truckers were in usual southy tone and high on cherry whiskey, blasting with three six strings and a pedal steel. It was almost seeing a rehashed version of old school Lynard Skynard, seems they are really *too* inspired by this southern legends. The evidence is damn clear in Days of Graduation (from Southern Rock Opera –Act 1), a narration dedicated to the spirit of free bird. Also, check out Ronnie and Neil; a song primarily about meddles between Ronnie VanZant and Neil Young (southern man, alabama etc.).

As always, Robert Randolph was in a killing spree, far more than I saw last time. Together with his family, it’s a band to watch live. The setlist was awesome, the renditions of MJ (don’t stop ’til you get enough), Doobie Bros (jesus is just alright) and Led Zep (good times, bad times) were breathtaking and real foot tapping. Here is JIJA (07/16/06 – in flac, you need VLC to play this), GTBT (07/27/06) and encore Roll Up (07/27/06). Have Fun :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Move on?

The world is becoming such numb day by day. For last few days wherever on earth, it’s the same anecdotes only changing the colors. Counting bullets and quarters are almost having same meaning, as the currency speaks so loud!

The question Mr. X asks the most, where we are actually going to???

A short solace of Nata Bhairavi from Ravi Shankar.

@Sattva - an indian treat for your baby :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shine On...

You reached for the secret too soon,
you cried for the moon...

Syd Barret
(January 6, 1946 – July 7, 2006)

Wouldn't you miss me?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

SCI; once more

I was reading some Zen stories for last few days and this is a pretty interesting Zen poetry.

I came from brilliancy.
And return to brilliancy.
What is this?

Here are two very popular, million times played (and in a zillion SB & On the Road recordings) tracks of String Cheese Incident. I don’t have the source info or show details of the particular tracks but IMHO these two live renditions showcase the true tight, fun oriented & best jammy days of SCI.

I hope SCI will be back to their golden roots soon…

Way Back Home & Galactic.