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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Buffalo is usually tagged with the infamous phrase – “in Buffalo it snows, so what?” I don’t have any clue which pucca Buffalonian coined this, and out of how much frustration but the real funny part is; come summer and Buffalo is almost awesome.

And personally without any squabble, summer is closer to me. I don’t have any private recollection of a good/bad/ugly *winter* before coming here, but summer makes me feel more comfortable, as in this is the weather I breathed and survived for such long…a longing for a nostalgic trip…

And all nostalgic trips are bound to take on an uneven, bumpy, jagged road and destined to be a round trip, finally!

I was wondering, will anyone be the same person after suffering a nostalgic disease or will anyone be anything but the same person?

Song of today - MLT (String Cheese Incident with Fareed Haque; 04/25/03)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


and the solitary good thing
that escaped pandoras box
flew away as a fugitive kite

same time, a story, a different year...

Song of Now:
Little late in dedication, but 11th May was the death anniversary of Bob Marley; Here Blues Traveler is doing *No Woman, No Cry* with Ziggy Marley, Bob’s son.

Show detail:-
Date: July 4, 2003 (check for other copies)
Venue: Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Location: Morrison, CO

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Two Thousand Places @ Once

Was in Boston area for a mere one day++. Had the priviledge to meet my bloghead pal VB and T. you guys are so so kind and warm. This post is for both of you :)

I was frantically searching few songs for them, but it is a genuine hard problem (and moreover when it is regarding Mr. *VB* the connoisseur)! Lastly, I just did a shuffle in my player and here are the first two random tracks popped up!

I caught a glimpse of Polyphonic Spree in PBS few years back. There were more than two dozen members, costumed in colored robes, singing gospel/pop/whatever and dancing but in an authentic uplifting mood; very catchy I must say.

Check the track Hold me now from the album Together We're Heavy.
The second track was Black Night – Badar Ali Khan.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

State of Music

Warning – This post is mostly oriented towards a genre of music (and vernacular too). I have not done any research or googling (maybe I SHOULD but I am lethargic), all the remarks are thus only from my observations :)

It was early eighties (to be little more fussy, maybe late seventies) when the bangla band wagon started rolling. The place was of course Bangladesh. Forget the intended puns in the long forgotten flick Bombay Boys (remember the utmost wish of the band to rock Bangladesh?); there is (and was) “something” about the rock music scenario (the generic form – rock) in BD. I remember in early nineties in Calcutta (before the planet-M era) searching frantically for some Tull tapes in streets; I still can vividly recall my hunt for “Thick as a Brick” for few days….comparing to Dhaka then they already had few hundred of strident hard working rock bands and thousand of devoted fans! We almost speak the same language and dialect in both sides of Bengal, but BD was always way ahead in this sense. My friend VB might explain this better (economic theory? BD always had a kind of free market, so rock albums were easily available than India?). I really don’t know and don’t delve much to dig out the reasons, but the ‘availability of rock music and listening’ (and thus learning to play in a tight band) must have catalyzed in this surge of band music.

There are a hundred of bangla rock bands you can name any day, I am not quantifying qualities but certainly many have a distinct sound. The bigger bands like Miles, LRB, Warfaze, Feedback, Nagar Baul etc. have really crossed a long way. And there is a really incredible change in their so-called “underground” music scene. As per listening to any form of music, I do try to keep an open mind but had a kind of firm believe that overall Bangla is a typical soft language. The vocabularies or the parlance is such that it is really tricky to do something in the language which you can mould or classify as “hard rock” or “alternative/grunge”. Well, many of the underground bands in BD (and also the band Fossils of Calcutta) have achieved this with their sheer experiements and proved me wrong. To name a few – Cryptic Fate, Aurthohin, Black, Artcell and Watson Brothers from BD. I simply like their sound.

I thought of writing more, but already feeling little lazy; will just mention one more BD band here (initially, my whole plan was to write a summary about Indian Bangla bands too -the West Bengal one, but not now). The band right now I am listening to is called them as “bangla” and they do a kind of folk-fusion-jazz. Their first album (King Kortobyo BimuR – means a state of undecided) hit the road in 2002 and their latest offer (Protyut Ponno Motittyo – means a state of fast action) was released a month ago. They sing mostly traditional folk (unlilke Bhoomi of Calcutta) with their style and signature. The new album is really a nice “concept” album; a kind of jamming with few Bauls and inspired by the songs and philosophy of Lalon Fokir.

Song of today:
Rong -Watson Brothers
Morile Kandis Na (don’t cry while you are dying) - Bangla

To my all non-bangla speaking friends – please try to listen; especially the lyrics of the second song is highly enriched by Urdu and Arabic words –needless to say I also don’t understand but love the vox :).

Friday, May 12, 2006

World on Fire

Hearts are worn in these dark ages
You're not alone in this story's pages
Night has fallen amongst the living and the dying
And I try to hold it in, yeah I try to hold it in

The world's on fire and
It's more than I can handle
I'll tap into the water
(I try to pull my ship)
I try to bring more
More than I can handle
(Bring it to the table)
Bring what I am able

I watch the heavens and I find a calling
Something I can do to change this moment
Stay close to me while the sky is falling
Don't wanna be left alone, don't wanna be alone

Hearts break, hearts mend
Love still hurts
Visions clash, planes crash
Still there's talk of
Saving souls, still the cold
Is closing in on us

We part the veil on our killer sun
Stray from the straight line on this short run
The more we take, the less we become
A fortune of one that means less for some....

Check the Video, here.
Thank you Sarah.

Song of now - Nadia (Swati Natekar)

My friend I is the newest kid on the blog. Welcome my son :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Those days..

Was a virtual and is...
a misnomer and remained...

strolling; the shore of lazy time...

Song of now - Alosh Somoi-er paRe by Artcell.

Bangla is coming next, with a post.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Revenge is a dish best served cold...

I wish all revenges are such sweet like Elmer's Revenge.

Show Detail - Steve Kimock Band
Date: October 1st, 2005
Venue: Granada Theatre
Location: Dallas, TX
(download the show, and thank you Charlie)