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Monday, February 27, 2006

Running in circles you don't understand...

Walking talking too far from the light
Living breathing in colorless black and white...

~if you only could (Donna the Buffalo)

And here is the song (from 2/19/2000 - Walker Centre @ NC)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Torture, Chalkdust Torture

straight from the heart to the cursors,
is a neverland journey; clogging of radium..
like the distance between the switch
and the glowing shining light...

She waved from the balcony last time,
a matador? bloodbath,nicotine umbrella cloud..
harp unstrung; soldout...

An Electric version of Rebubula from Moe. (02/10/2005-NYC) . For a better flac version visit LMA.
The show also featured Medeski, John Bush and Trey :)) resulted in a mus' have show for any jammy ( a bit of Moe.+Phish+Covers..what more is needed in life?)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

no return from the Zone

I love your eyes, my darling friend,
Their play, so passionate and
When a sudden stare up you send,
And like a heaven-blown lightning,
It'd take in all from end to end.
But there's more that I admire:
Your eyes when they're downcast
In bursts of love-inspired fire,
And through the eyelash goes fast
A somber, dull call of desire...

(from Stalker again) . The last scene...

Today's song - Spiderman ( String Cheese Incident - 10/30/2000).
This is actually one of the earliest recordings of SCI I possess. This show got a smokin' encore:
Land's end > Walking on the moon > Come together > The wedge > Get down tonight.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Loose Control

Moved, moved and moved :). Keeping not a single epoch of space in between scenes, a fast editing table and fusing a rather strong message in an ala music video style of short scenes from experimental angles, the restless free fall scenes into the waters, the black & white and sepia past (how can I forget the scene of Jalianwala bagh of white bloats with red blood in between), continuous jumping between space time, amazing strips of colors flowing in the screen (especially the last sequence of yellow field and a splash of white color through the song “roobaroo”, almost without a hero worshipping and so smart making….

Little Unreal but absolutely loved RDB.

today's song - Slumber (KVHW - 02/26/99)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Easy riding

Mr. X was tacit most of the times. He kept the spirit in the garden or a gas chamber. The light shines when regularly he crosses the yield sign and meets the main stream. Hope that advocates for truths; truths are beautiful and pragmatic Mr. Y is also striving for the truth. Once, someone had a day-dream for a neverland; but right now Mr. X loves any crusader.

A friend of the devil is a friend of mine.

Song of the day - Wormwood (Moe.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Estimated Prophet

Now summer has passed,
As if it had never been.
It is warm in the sun.
But this isn't enough.

All that might have been,
Like a five-cornered leaf
Fell right into my hands,
But this isn't enough.

Neither evil nor good
Had vanished in vain,
It all burnt with white light,
But this isn't enough.

Life took me under its wing,
Preserved and protected,
Indeed I have been lucky.
But this isn't enough.

Not a leaf had been scorched,
Not a branch broken off. . .
The day wiped clean as clear glass,
But this isn't enough...

~(from Stalker)

today's song - Bob Rules (Keller Willams, from the album Laugh)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


going going gone...
bad worse worst...

And who said life is a long song :( ?

Song of today - Guyute from Trey's solo effort Seis de Mayo

Friday, February 03, 2006


Inspired by Deep, here is my log for last month:)

First Time
1)Stranger than Paradise
2)The song remains the same
3)Autumn sonata
4)Days of being wild

Many times before but again...
1)A bout de souffle (Breathless)
2)Jules et jim
3)Gold rush

list for this month-
1)Tonari no Toroto
3)Repo Man
5)open for suggestions

Seems Tull is in air! Here is an insane version of To cry you a song from Live-@ Isle of wight ('70) , DO love it !

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

And the prophets said, 'Be careful what you wish.' ...

Mr. X is a perpetual slow runner in every facet. And yes, without any squabble we all are acquainted with his late rising for today and tomorrows. Yet today was all a different sudden anecdote. He was enjoying the tinge of the single tree branch in the backdrop of the blue between the flaccid grills in early morning. This time, it is not snowing but the branch has cried a lot in late night. The tears were all multiplied with a deep passion and care. The tears were so near he felt like touching.

Wondering why the sky is so blue, if it is the home of eternity.

Never had to think twice,
Always knew my home was in paradise...

Song of the Day : Home Again (Disco Biscuits; from They missed the Perfume album)