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Friday, May 18, 2007

Grateful Poll # 1

For last few weeks am tripping n jamming with my forever friend; the dead. and only with the dead! Humming a lot with various Dick’s Picks (especially 3 and 12), hooked into bt.etree and archive.org repertoire as much as I can or simply reading the songs in silence. Grateful..grateful.

This is a poll (such as market research. hehe), inspired by Ben. you need to be born again Ben.
A you choose request for my all time favorite jams of Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain. Which Scarlet Fire is you?

Scarlet > Fire
(1977-05-08 – the coveted Cornell show)
Scarlet > Fire
(1984-10-30 - Berkeley Community Theater)

The wind in the willows playing Tea for Two
The sky was yellow and the sun was blue
Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hand
Everybody is playing in the heart of gold band
Heart of gold band

Long distance runner, what you standing there for?
Get up, get off, get out of the door
You're playing cold music on the bar room floor
Drowned in your laughter and dead to the core
There's a dragon with matches that's loose on the town
Take a whole pail of water just to cool him down

Fire, fire on the mountain....