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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Clouds of delusion...

Infinnate Joy.

But in the end we all know,
the play had gone bad...like pickle in the moonsoon...

Today's music - String Cheese Incident doing a funky Shakedown Street > Bam. ('04 Halloween show - UIC). Thanks TR for the 2001 NYC show (and the reminder for Shakedown Street :))

(Ref- transending words from the long forgotten - "the god of small things").

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bobbing on the surface...

Sometimes a particular tune you murmur in your mind too often. The hymn becomes a mantra and spins in your head so much you can’t escape. This happens a zillion times with me. Songs change but the effect remains the same. I regularly take a snowy road while walking the line to school and feel the motion of that tune in my body and soul. For few days it was Ripple and Moondance, and unless I sit in my lab and play these songs in my laptop they were not leaving me.

Last Friday it was a different song, was going a place with my pal I and he finally almost stopped his car and uttered “man! At least fifty times you sang this song in the last hour”!!

...I'm building you a pyramid
With limestone blocks so large
I drag them from the mountain top
You'll need a two car garage

And it's the ocean flowing in our veins
Oh..That it's the salt that's in our tears
Oh..Cause we could have come so very far
Oh..In at least as many years

Take the highway through the Great Divide....

Whoever loves this track, check this String Cheese version. (10/31/00)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Little Wing Reprise

Well she’s walking through the clouds
With a circus mind that’s running round
Butterflies and zebras
And moonbeams and fairy tales
That’s all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind....

I simply love this song!
First Hendrix, then SRV and many ones (anyone for the rendition by Sting ?:)) and now from Zero.
To keep the spirit and continuity, here is the Layla coda.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


good news....
touches you a midas and flies away...
time flies too...
with new appearances...lifeline?

Pure. Lotus Feet.

Friday, March 17, 2006

March winds will blow...

Mr. X wanted to alter his perennial late rising ego. Last night it was actually early to bed and he caught a breathtaking view of the moon. The light was milking his vision through the window glass. It started tracking time to time and left an impingement as a scar in the blue. A hollow facade was punctured every five minutes and left a hole such as in a subway ticket. The moon was rolling on in a circular periphery, as unattained luggages do in a busy airport.

Move on is really an expensive and fuzzy expression. He knows exactly tonight same time same place it will be the same or a dark star.

Where to move on by the way…

I know you rider - from Jorma Kaukonen
(Update :- mistake in the posted song, please take a highway through the Great Divide :) and enjoy this (Phish - 12/02/03))

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hey Now...

Some words are opposed by an unknown force. They queued in the tunnel vision for long but Mr. X never observed them taking birth…

Like unspoken thoughts stored in the pen cap…

Mr. X noticed them clogging beside the wall..,the wall of to-do/not-to-do…but he is happy by seeing only the shadows...

Like an appalling premonition…a premonition of a cold snow rushing…
Like smell of the history book…or dried tea leaves…

May be they are good as unborn, forever unborn.

This was getting heavier and no-where, to cut it gist Mr. X forced to think something good...He ends up in..."Aiko aiko all day, jockomo feeno na na nay, jockomo feena nay"

A smiling Aiko Aiko rendition from SCI.
Mr. X is forever grateful...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Desert Blues

I came to know about the Blank Noise Project from V’s page. Little late but better than being more indifferent. Do visit this page and also this.

Today’s song (Diaraby) – In memory of the Talking Timbuktu ;Ali Farka Toure.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Recent Movies

With and Without repetition. I highly recommend Tonari no Totoro
for anyone in love with animation.

1)Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)
2)Jana Aranya (the Middleman)
3)Repo Man
5)Matir Moina (the Clay Bird)
9)Grateful Dead - view from the vault IV.

Song of the day - Wayfaring Stranger.

Friday, March 03, 2006


I picked an age whose stature measured mine.
We headed south, made dust swirl on the
Tall weeds were rank; a grasshopper was
Brushed horseshoes with his whiskers,
And told me like a monk that I would perish.
I took my fate and strapped it to my saddle;
And now I've reached the future I still stand
Upright in my stirrups like a boy.

I only need my immortality
for my blood to go on flowing from age to
I would readily pay with my life
For a safe place with constant warmth
Were it not that life's flying needle
Leads me on through the world like a thread.

~Arseniy Tarkovsky

I was wondering which song might suite today, IMHO a Dark Star will do the best justice :).

Grateful Dead. Dark Star. 2/22/69 (Dream Bowl, CA).
This version is beyond any further words.........

Thursday, March 02, 2006

High & Lonesome

My friends regularly laugh about my eerie (!) status message in I.M.s and ask about what is this Samba thing! I humbly answer “yes, why can’t we all just do it?”

Truly more than a single tune or a song this means much much more to me. I have around 20-30 versions of this work of art, once tried to write down about my best feelings and deleted the document as words are incompatible to explain Steve Kimock’s guitar sound.

Steve Kimock is recognized as the guitar monk and knew/known as the favourite unknown guitarist (courtesy Jerry Garcia). My friend Rushi says his guitar sound leads to the path of truth in a myriad mysterious way. He might be true…

There is a distinctive mark in Kimock’s playing; I am much unaware of the technical glittery of music world yet I believe listening Kimock in a concert is some kind of uplift of your spirit. He is not a stunner. He does not play faster than light. But Kimock is a creator. And like any other creator he thinks and makes affection before creating his thoughts through sound. He chooses (rather selects) meticulously his notes from the frets but it is like a waterfall model which is continuously flowing. I feel his lyric-less lyrical ballads possess an infinite journey, they continue beyond his starting or ending.

And finally the phenomenal sound…his comment goes "It doesn't matter what you're trying to do, or what you think you're doing. All that matters in the end is what's coming out of that speaker."

Kimock might not be selected among the best guitarists by the Rolling Stone magazine, but that is the utmost reverence; he should not be featured in a ranking system, as he is beyond.

Enough said, how about a TonguenGroove?
Forgive the crowd noise.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cheesy Time

this space-time does not adore my nickname anymore
yet thoughts are so immaculate, no where to go.....

Today's song - One of my early days fave SCI tracks - 100 year flood (10/20/2000 -OH)
I simply love the sound of Nershi and Kang :)