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Sunday, September 24, 2006

New day...

Finally the term “move on” has played a trump card. I have phase shifted myself, from the place I belonged for last days, better last many days. Mr. X was permanently dejected; but the sun shined through the clouds in such a manner he always reached by stretching his arms. The bestest anecdote in his life is, more he has faced troubled times, the more he has faced better and best people in life. And that continued with the stint in Buffalo too..Such a virtue in life, yet such common…

I have moved to another place in the western New York (can not live outside the empire state :)) recently. Lived in a suitcase for a while, gazed at a newer place from the 18th floor window of a hotel room for a week and now finally in a brand new house. Are all houses are homes? The walls smell new, even the air; Mr. X feels something very unknown..unknown premonitions of unknown..

From the connotations of the first para, Mr. X is also such grateful to his blogger pals… initially it was a place for storing an unrest mind and soul, a solace of distressed self, but permanently it is now his second home. Thank you all my pals. I came across such talented and erudite minds, that I cannot write down. I loaded myself with songs almost every day, bended knees to Dead once again with VB; shared the happiness with S for the “special one”, enjoyed the political rivalry between “bow bow” and his “evil twin” with A, charmed by the elegant pictures of CD…to name a few…

Thank you, you, you and you..many thanks are still unsaid…as Mr. Jobs says, stay hungry..stay foolish…

Songs for the new day:-
Better Day - Sound Tribe Sector 9
Unknown 1st & 3rd track - Ustad Ali Akbar Khan
(this is from a ripped CD without info, sorry!)

ps - though I just got my net conxn at home (after a killer waiting period of more than 3 weeks) I was able to roam around (a little) in the blogs; I wonder why I can't post any comments..what is the "beta" thing? Any idea?