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Friday, October 20, 2006

Play Pause Stop

These days I spend most of the daytime off my laptop. I don’t carry any mp3 players as such so mostly what I am doing is copying songs from my personal sources and dumping/ripping into blank CDs to listen :)

Putting what I am listening is always the best fun (and I do such often) and so here goes the list; in no particular order. Not repeating with Dead, SCI, Moe, Kimock, Phish etc.this time, as I did the same soo many times....

I don’t know how to keep track of “most played” songs in a computer, but definitely these songs are featured very very often in my media player playlist. ( so hopefully not breaking the tagging law!). Also, I have linked the album names.

Let me know if you guys suggest uploading the mp3s/albums. Somehow “sendspace” is damn slow these days…

1. Porahoto (Black) – Utshober Pore
2. Waiting Here (Buckethead featuring Shana Halligan and Serj Tankian) – Enter the Chicken
3. Nobina (Fuad featuring Punom) – Variation No. 25
4. Ozark (Pat Metheny/ Lyle Mays) – As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls
5. Elephant Talk (King Crimson) – Discipline
6. In this Divide (Azam Ali) – Elysium for the Brave
7. Where Are We Going? (Donald Byrd) – Black Byrd
8. Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock) – Flood
9. Overdue (Bitter:Sweet) – The Mating Game
10. Magic Hours (Explosions in the Sky) – How Strange, Innocence
11. Spacebirdmatingcall (Disco Biscuits) – They Missed the Perfume
12. Too many Humans (Buckethead) – Population Override
13. Inspiration Information (Shuggie Otis) - Inspiration Information
14. Elephant Woman (Blonde Redhead) – Misery is a Butterfly
15. Unrequited (Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau) – Metheny/Mehldau

Thanks Ws(VB) for the help in podcasting :)

update - the dl link of the mp3s (its aroun 130 mb..sorry!)


Blogger wildflower seed said...

Thanks for the listen!

Have to listen to more Disco Biscuits....

11:29 AM  
Blogger kundalini said...

gift, thanks for doing the tag. spent a very nice morning tuning in. most of the artists i had not heard before. i really liked watermelon man, magic hrs, porahoto, and unrequited (i enjoy pat metheny). A seemed to enjoy watermelon man a lot, so i might ask you to upload that one for us. :)

11:09 PM  
Blogger gIftoFwIngs said...

@WS,VB - thanks as always!
@WS - going to check the biscos on 2nd, next month..
@K - oh sure! A has eclectic choice :)

9:19 PM  
Blogger sattva said...

gift, commenting on yr blog after a long time. couldnt access the music for various reasons, but now with new comp in place, i hope to maximise yr stuff again :)

congrats on moving into yr new place, hope it brings u many special people and times.

8:48 AM  
Blogger CrAzY DiAmOnd said...

O' enlightened one...can thee pass thy knowledge of podcasting to thy humble followers?

11:26 AM  
Blogger gIftoFwIngs said...

@S - welcome back :) hope ur doing grt- btw in my last post I put a song called - bodhiSATTVA!

@CD - nething for u bro! check ur gmail acc.

12:31 PM  
Blogger sattva said...

gift, loved ozark, spacebridmatingcall, unrequited and porohato. enjoyed watermelon man and inspiration information. thank u for those!

just looked at yr earlier post...hava nagilah??? i used to LOVE that one, thank u for having brought back a flood of happy memories :) will comment on the rest after i hear them :)

5:02 AM  
Blogger gIftoFwIngs said...

@s -thanks a lot! yess..its havah nagilah :))

8:24 PM  

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